Monday, June 4, 2012

The Mighty Badge – Reusable Name Badge

Did you know Canada..  our Toronto Representative Faniya, has been trying out The Mighty Badge!

You know that I attend lots of events on behalf of Did you know Canada?  I am always looking the ways to look professional and be easily recognized. A badge is one of the magic tools to tell people who you are; it stands for quality, trust and professionalism.

I was very excited to review the Mighty Badge Do-It-Yourself starter kit recently that includes 10 reusable name badges (10 metal badge plates, 10 lenscovers, 10 magnets and insert sheets)

With this kit I was able to create my own badges instantly using the Mighty Badge Microsoft certified software.  I was able to choose my style, font and pictures. That means if I want to change my logo, add new features or create a badge just for one particular event I can easily do that by applying a new design with Mighty Badge software and printing it. It is so easy to use and fast.

A steel plate and lenscover make my badge look so professional and smart. Now I do not worry if I scratch somehow the badge (this happened to me before in the past and it took about two weeks to replace the whole piece), right now I can replace only a lenscover,  I do not need to wait long to get my badge back.

I also like that the Mighty Badge has a magnet fastener that does not “hurt” my clothes as a pin one. Another nice feature is that the Mighty Badge stays firmly in place thanks to a magnet fastener again, keeping it in horizontal position all the time, so I do not need to check it constantly.

I was so curious to know who stands behind this amazing product and excited to learn about Marla Kott, an incredible Canadian woman entrepreneur and the CEO of Imprint Plus.

Marla’s relationship with Imprint Plusthe Mighty Badge developer, began in the mid-80s, when she was working as a Chartered Accountant in Quebec.  At that time Marla Klott often consulted her childhood friend Ellen Flanders and future Imprint Plus owner on her start-up printing company.

In 1990 when Marla was given an opportunity to invest in Imprint Plus, she stepped in as an angel investor with a small capital investment of $20,000 to keep the company in business.

In 2000 Marla Kott left accountant job and moved to Vancouver to become the full time CEO of Imprint Plus.  Under her leadership and strategic direction, Kott has grown the company into a thriving international exporter of name badges and has expanded of operations to include sales offices in Toronto, US and the UK.  Sales have increased by 221% from $2.6 million to $8.5 million as reported in the fiscal year end May 31st, 2011, and the customer database has increased from 2,600 to 35,000.

“When we originally entered the badge market” , says Marla Kott, CEO of Imprint Plus”there was a strong need for a badge that not only provided value but was polished, professional and could be created instantly. Today, the Mighty Badge has done that.  It provides the sophistication of customized name badges at a fraction of the cost, and they’re still among the only reusable and recyclable name badges produced in the world.”

Marla Kott and her team received many prestigious awards including Marla’s ranking in Profit Magazine’s Top 100 Women Entrepreneurs for 7 consecutive years.

So now I rely on Mighty Badge as my powerful tool, see me wearing it during the upcoming events.

About Imprint Plus™
Imprint Plus was the first to invent the magnet-backed name badge, to position name badges as a corporate marketing tool, and the first to create reusable name badges.  Imprint Plus™  designs, develops, manufactures and distributes name badges, plates, signage and other business branding tools. The company now serves 35,000 customers from 21 industries in 67countries. Imprint Plus™ is headquartered in Richmond, BC, Canada with offices in Washington, Florida, Toronto, Ontario, and Edinburgh, Scotland.

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