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I *am* Did you know Canada? - which can be an awkward way to introduce yourself sometimes, but I love my blog. :-)  I attend a few Toronto events, but mostly those more local in the London Ontario area.  Please contact me for more information on attending your event!

I am also a developer (computer programmer) by day, Mom to 3 boys - a set of 5 year old twins and a newborn little man.  We keep the boys busy in sports, are a big hockey family and enjoy local events. I'm an avid book reader and love to experiment in the kitchen - visit my other blog - Canadian Moms Cook - for more info!

Stacey's Events
* ShesConnected Conference 2011 - September 29-30 2011
* #RedCrossCPR - November 16, 2011
* #Upopolis Launch - March 27, 2013

Meet our Toronto Representatives..

Faniya (@TeddyOutReady)

My name is Faniya. I am an IT specialist, worked for banking recently. Right now I live in Toronto and work occasionally on some IT projects, prefer flexible work hours so I can spend more time with my family in Vaughan (GTA). I am married and have one boy Teddy of 2 years old.

I like going out, exploring new things, attending events and shows, taking pictures of the places I visited.  I am also a big fan of winter sports especially skating. Love camping, fishing and exploring Canada's outdoors. Love cooking and trying new dishes from different cultures, which is easy living in Toronto. Please take a look at my personal blog where I write about my son's adventures: Teddy Out Ready

Faniya's Events
* Made By Hand Show Networking Event - March 15, 2012
* Loose Button head office visit - March 21, 2012
* Vaughan Mompreneurs Showcase - March 25, 2012
* Babies"R"Us Vendor Fair - March 27, 2012
* Group of Five, Four Alive art exhibition - April 05, 2012
* Pampers Canada Event - April 14, 2012
* Future Shop Event - April 18, 2012
* Cadbury - May 2, 2012
Biggest Baby Shower - May 11, 2012
* Loose Button & Chantel Guertin - Summer Trends 2012 - May 16, 2012
* Loose Button Press Release Night - May 29, 2012
* Beauty Unveiling Event from MARCELLE & ANNABELLE - June 13, 2012
* Future Shop's 2012 Hottest Back to School Tech - June 20, 2012
* Farmers Feed Cities - July 24, 2012
* Future Shop's Latest Home Theatre Trends - August 16, 2012
* Toys "R" Us Toy Vendor Fair - August 28, 2012
* Winx Launch - August 2012
Nickelodeon and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Sneak Peek - September 18, 2012
Healthy Eating with Lydia Knorr - October 2012
* ShesConnected Conference - October 2012
* #PGmom - November 8 2012
* #SearsBabysRoom - February 2013
* Our Kids Camp Expo - February 24 2013

Teena (@TeenainToronto)
Born and raised in Nova Scotia, Teena has been living in Toronto since 1987.  She works in the group retirement industry as an educator which gives her the opportunity to travel.  She loves discovering new things in Toronto and Canada and writing about them.  She's into reading, blogging, movies, eating out, walking and lots more.  She has been blogging since 2005 and you can find her at 

Teena's Events
Canadian Club Mixed & Ready Cover Challenge - Summer 2012

Multi-Testing Mommy (@MultiTestingMom)
Multi-Testing Mommy is a former Kindergarten teacher turned stay at home Mom in 2005. She has two children aged 3 and 6. Multi-Testing Mommy loves to talk about education and young children. Her passion is with children's literature. Multi-Testing Mommy enjoys walking, tweeting, baking, paper crafting, singing and coffee.

Multi-Testing Mommy, the blog, is about sharing information with fellow Canadian women, parents and families. It is about product reviews with honest opinions and information about events, opportunities, giveaways, recipes, crafts and parenting.

Multi-Testing Mommy's Events
* Made By Hand Show - April 21, 2012

Pam (
I’m Pam and I’m so happy to be one of the Toronto Reviewers for Did You Know Canada. I’m married, no kids, no pets, no houseplants, living in downtown Toronto. My husband and I run our own business providing training and consulting to the legal industry.

I love photography, travel, art and music. I enjoy attending events and meeting new people - there’s always something exciting happening in Toronto. It’s a such a vibrant, diverse and dynamic city!

Pam's Events
* Soïa & Kyo - World MasterCard Fashion Week in Toronto - March 13, 2012
* RUDSAK - World MasterCard Fashion Week in Toronto - March 15, 2012
* Red, White, and Gnome All Over Canada Day Party - June 25, 2012
* Christkindl Market - December 2012

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