Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Beauty Unveiling Event from MARCELLE & ANNABELLE

Did you know Canada..  Toronto Rep Faniya is attending another event on behalf of Did you know Canada? this week..

This week I am going to attend another fascinating beauty event Unveiling of the 2012 Innovations from cosmetics brands MARCELLE and ANNABELLE. I am very interested to learn what the latest things these brands are going to introduce, especially after being first on the Canadian market with amazing BB (Beauty Balm) products.

Another great news: MarieMai, a Canadian singer and songwriter, is the new face of ANNABELLE, as her voice, energy and femininity perfectly aligns with the nature of the Canadian brand.

So more details after the event, get ready for updates!

About Groupe Marcelle
Groupe Marcelle is a cosmetics industry leader with over 75 years of acquired knowledge. As a Canadian manufacturer of both Marcelle and Annabelle brands, Groupe Marcelle offers women of all ages a complete line of beauty and skin care products. Employing over 200 people in the research and development, production and marketing of its products, the company strives to deliver superior products that go above and beyond for today's woman.

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