Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Dora's Digital Story Book

Did you know Canada..  Nickelodeon has a fun new clothing line available at Walmart for Dora the Explorer that includes a code for Dora's Digital Story Book experience online!

As you know, we have boys, but we shared the shirt with a friend and tried out the code for ourself.  I appreciated the option to select your character as a boy or a girl, and you get to customize clothing, hair colour and more.

It also takes your little ones name, age and city and includes them in the story.

You great to drag all these characters onto each page and set up the picture how you want, my guy has tons of fun working on this.  Not only is he working on computer skills, eye/hand coordination, working on his reading, we're also creating and I love to see how proud my boys are when they've created something.

This would make a fantastic gift for a preschooler in your life, not only are you giving a cute outfit, you are also giving many hours of a fun online experience.

We have great news for our readers as well!  Enter below for yours chance to win an adorable Dora outfit (Tee Shirt and Leggings set SIZE 2T) complete with a unique PIN for you to also try out the Dora Digital Story Book!!!  Good luck!!

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  1. My daughter

  2. None in the house, but my nieces would love this!

  3. My almost 8 year old daughter!

  4. my granddaughter jan

  5. My niece is the Dora fan in our house!

  6. My niece is the Dora fan and her Mom's name is Dora!!

  7. My son and my daughter both enjoy Dora alot :D

  8. Ami B

    My little girl LOVES dora :)

  9. My friend's daughter.


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