Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Back to School is even more exciting with Play-Doh

Did you know Canada..  my boys, who just recently turned 5, LOVE Play-Doh.  They love Play-Doh so much, that the second this PLAY-DOH Chalkboard Set came through the door they had the whole thing busted open and were making creations (mostly cars)!

Perfect for fostering imaginations, the PLAY-DOH Chalkboard Set from Hasbro is awesome!

This colorful chalkboard set gives your child the tools to make letters, numbers and shapes out of 4 different colors of PLAY-DOH modeling compound. In addition to helping your child learn about shapes and numbers, cutting, squeezing, and rolling PLAY-DOH compound helps children develop fine motor skills. Make the building blocks of learning fun with the more than 20 pieces in the PLAY-DOH Chalkboard Set!
Set includes 16 cutters, scissors, roller and 4 three-ounce cans of PLAY-DOH modeling compound.

Perfect for working on our numbers while creating, it leads to fun for hours and the best part about Play-Doh - it can be used again and again.  As they can't always create the shapes they want at this age, the boys love using tools like the included cutter and roller to work the Play-Doh - this is just a great set.

I have great memories of sitting at my Gramma's kitchen table playing with Play-Doh, it's such a part of growing up and a great Back-to-School tool!

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